2017 FredEvents Registration

So the Battle at the Quarry is postponed to Sep. 24. It started raining again and with the 2 inches that already came down, the trails just don’t get a chance to drain out and dry up enough. Some parts may be more of a swim.
So anyone registered has two options: 1. Show up Sep 24, or 2. Send me an email at http://www.fredevents@hotmail.com and let me know you would like to transfer your reg to the July 23 Battle on the Ridge.
Registration for the Battle at the Quarry will reopen soon. Unless I have to cancel the race on Sep 24, I am sorry to not give out any refunds – the money has been spent on shirts and insurance. I hope you understand and sorry for the inconvenience.
Please spread the word so that no one shows up tomorrow.
I hope to see you all at the mtb races!

Welcome to FredEvents. Check out the races!

We are always looking for new sponsors! Please contact Konrad at FredEvents@hotmail.com if you are interested – many different levels of sponsorship are available and we love to establish lasting relationships with you and your business.


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