About Us

New to FredEvents?

We are a family business offering opportunities for individuals, teams, and families to participate in outdoor, off-road, athletic competitions and events mostly held along the Rappahannock River in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Our events run from spring through fall and include a paved trail run (part of the Rock the River FXBG Community Festival) and three mtb races*. The races are geared to fit the needs of any ability level. Apart from great competition, you will not find a better atmosphere anywhere, and we offer food and drink post race for all racers.

The Terrain

All of our mtb races  are held on property along the Rappahannock River that belongs partially to the City of Fredericksburg and the Silver Companies, Inc.  It is one of the most scenic spots in the area, and the race courses offer everything from fire roads to tight, windy, and hilly single track with log hops.

The only pavement event is our Run for the River 4 Mile Race. It is held on the Fredericksburg City Heritage Trail and part of the Rock the River Community Festival (www.rocktheriverfxbg.com)

Our Mission

To promote active lifestyles and awareness of our natural environment through family-friendly events which provide fun and competitive outdoor athletic activities for ages two to ninety-two.

Our History

The founder of FredEvents, LLC, Konrad Heller, has been a competitive athlete all of his life with a long and successful resume of mountain biking, duathlons, and triathlon competitions.  After traveling up to several hours to compete in the nearest events for years, Konrad decided to organize a local duathlon.  The first Fredericksburg Off-Road Duathlon (F.O.R.D.) was held in the summer of 2002.  The weather did not cooperate, and it rained for 56 hours prior to the race and was 96 degrees and muggy the day of the event.  Despite these brutal conditions, nine hardcore athletes competed and had a great time.  The feedback was incredible, and Konrad was committed to doing another F.O.R.D. in 2003.  The race continued as a once-a-year summer event through 2003 and 2004 with participation steadily increasing.  Many loyal competitors returned each year bringing new family and friends along with them.  In 2005 and 2006, with the help of his wife Emily Heller, Konrad expanded F.O.R.D. and held a spring and summer duathlon each year.  The largest event  hosted 110 racers and the F.O.R.D. family still continues to grow.  The enthusiasm of the race participants and success of F.O.R.D. inspired Konrad and Emily to establish FredEvents, LLC.  FredEvents, LLC carried on the F.O.R.D. tradition while expanding to include a variety of outdoor competitions and appealing to families and individuals alike. As the race world evolved, he decided to switch the races away from duathlons to mostly mtb races today.

Our Goals

*         To promote active lifestyles in individuals and families.

*         To encourage individuals and families to go outside and experience, appreciate, and enjoy nature.

*         To provide opportunities for athletes to set and achieve personal goals through a variety of competitions and series of races.

*         To add an athletic component to the Fredericksburg tourism industry by partnering with the community, the city government, and local companies to create a unique outdoor venue for events that will attract individuals and families with active lifestyles to the Fredericksburg area.

Our Vision

Our plan is to expand our events to include a variety of competitions as well as to provide family-friendly events with youth activities and races to compliment the adult events.  We will provide a fun, entertaining, enthusiastic environment that will draw individuals and families from around the region and keep them coming back to our events in the future.  Participants in our events will be encouraged to enjoy all that Fredericksburg has to offer while they are in the area, as our events will provide an excellent opportunity for local businesses to advertise.  We envision weekend festivals that are made up of multiple events for all ages, with vendors, music, refreshments, and activities for spectators and competitors alike.  The opportunities are endless, and we are eager to create cooperative partnerships throughout the community.

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